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A bigger slice of market share?

A Bigger Slice of Cake

There are market segments in which you have a low market share.  This situation is commonly created by a structural barrier. For example, the cost of employing sales people makes it uneconomic for you to acquire customers beneath a certain revenue value, or success in one segment results in a resource drain in another. It is in circumstances such as these that a partnership with Tennyson can drive new profits for you.

Working as partners we will take your products or services into the poorly penetrated market segments – we will supply the sales force and back office manpower that is necessary to win new customers. 

We also crucially supply a new idea, or set of ideas, that overcome the structural barrier to succeeding in the market, for example, we may design a new sales process that lowers the cost of customer acquisition or provide a new set of expertise which lowers the cost of market entry.

The secret ingredient to sales?

The Secret Ingrediant to Sales?

In our opinion there is no “magic bullet”; contrary to what other outsourcing agencies may have told you, the elusive Holy Grail of sales does not actually exist. However, an intelligent approach aligned with our sales thinking enables us to succeed where others have failed and in turn drive your profitability.

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Lord Tennyson

Sir Galahad
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The clouds are broken in the sky,
And thro' the mountain-walls
A rolling organ-harmony    
Swells up, and shakes and falls.
Then move the trees, the copses nod,    
Wings flutter, voices hover clear:
"O just and faithful knight of God!    
Ride on! the prize is near."
So pass I hostel, hall, and grange;    
By bridge and ford, by park and pale,
All-arm'd I ride, whate'er betide,    
Until I find the Holy Grail.

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Fresh thinking?

Fresh Thinking?

If you’re out of ideas and think you have tried everything, let us do some thinking for you. We provide an idea or set of ideas that overcome a specific barrier to sale. This could be a new approach to sales or a new sales process.

If “how do I?...” is at the top of your agenda then we can work with you to provide a solution and win you the results you need.

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A new partnership?

A New Partnership?

We recognise that launching a new venture is a strategic step for our partner's and therefore we always strive to work in a manner that reflects our partner’s values and professionalism. All engagements are carried out by a multi-disciplinary team that is led by a Tennyson Director.  We provide a clear business case for each stage of our engagement (assuming that one can be made - not all markets are suitable) and always put the protection and development of our partner’s brand at the centre of our work.  Our overarching philosophy is that we regard excellent execution as our partner's minimum requirement of us and always focus on adding value through creativity and process discipline.

The newly created partnership sales force may work under our corporate partner’s brand or under a new brand that is specifically created for the venture.   It will typically report to a senior manager in the partner organisation and have a life span of anywhere between six months and several years, subject to the dynamics of the market in which it is operating.  Risks and rewards of the new venture are shared between our corporate partner and ourselves.

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Becoming more nimble as a business?

Becoming More Nimble as a Business?

If your business is large it may take an eternity for the back end to catch up with the front end. How do you know that all the investment you’ll be making in recruitment, training up existing people and purchasing new hardware will end up getting you the sales that you need? You don’t. And if it doesn’t pay off that’s a very costly mistake to make.

Think of us as the scout ship to your oil tanker. We can navigate into unchartered territory for you (the new markets you want to penetrate) and test the waters. We will provide you with both quantitative and qualitative feedback. You then decide whether you had a narrow escape or if you want more. If you want more we can roll out the pilot for you and provide the resource, or you can launch in-house, safe in the knowledge that your ROI will be returned and results nailed on.

People fear change. No more so than in large corporations. People who are asked to work differently and do something that “is not in my job description” generally don’t react well. Their fear is real; fear of job cuts, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. If they undertake a new project in this mindset then it is almost always doomed to failure. However, if you can demonstrate actual results to this set of people then this fear is dispelled. We can give you these results.

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How the partnership process works?

How the partnership process works?

In exploring a potential partnership and then developing it from implementation to full productivity and beyond, we work through a four-stage process with our corporate partners.

Pre-engagement – getting to know one another’s organisations and business priorities. Develop new propositions and sales methodologies.  Conducting market research to explore the validity of the new ideas.

Set up – agree objectives and financial targets for the engagement.  Agree the commercial model and implementation timescales. 

Pilot – begin selling.  Deploy and refine new sales approaches.  Refine and embed sales operations.

Full implementation – scale up the engagement to its optimum size.  Deliver optimum profits to our corporate partner.

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Sales training?

Sales Training?

Does your sales force need reinvigorating? Do you need them to take the next step up in terms of their development and performance? Is there resistance to new ways of working and a new process? In conjunction with our partner, RADA Enterprises, we can provide a bespoke course to address those needs.

We can provide innovative courses on communication and presentation, all of which will equip your people to make more effective sales and tender pitches.

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How Much Will it Cost?

How Much Will it Cost?

The commercial arrangements under which we work are shaped by the objectives and priorities of each of our corporate partners and therefore each one is individual in nature. 

Agreements range from one where our rewards are largely fixed with a bonus being paid for excellent performance, through to another where we co-invest alongside our partner and realise a significant proportion of the incremental profits that our engagement creates. 

In each case the corporate partner achieves their profit goals.

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